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Skylar: Boardwalk Delight

Skylar: Boardwalk Delight

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Top Notes: Water Notes, Raspberry, Apple

The fragrance opens with an invigorating and refreshing combination of water notes, raspberry, and apple. These top notes create a harmonious blend of aquatic and fruity accords, setting a lively and uplifting tone for the scent.

Heart Notes: Coconut Milk, Water Lily, Guava Blossom

As the fragrance evolves, the heart notes emerge, introducing a tropical and floral bouquet to the composition. Coconut milk, water lily, and guava blossom intertwine to create a dreamy and exotic heart. Coconut milk adds a creamy and indulgent facet, while water lily and guava blossom contribute a delicate and enchanting aura.

Base Notes: Cotton Candy, Musk, Vanilla, Solar Notes, Amber

The fragrant voyage ends with a sugary and snug base. Cotton candy, musk, vanilla, solar pleasures, and amber weave a gentle and warm embrace, cocooning the wearer in a comfy and calming aura.

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