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Ard Al Zaafaran: Bint Hooran

Ard Al Zaafaran: Bint Hooran

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Often compared to Carolina Herrera's Good Girl

Fragrance Notes: Tuberose, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Sweet Almond, Musk, Jasmine, Woody Notes, Cacao Pod

Tuberose: The fragrance opens with the alluring and heady aroma of tuberose, a floral note that adds depth and sensuality.

Vanilla and Tonka Bean: The heart of the fragrance is graced by the sweet and comforting embrace of vanilla and tonka bean. These notes bring warmth and richness to the composition.

Sweet Almond: Sweet almond introduces a nutty and soft facet, enhancing the overall gourmand quality of the fragrance.

Musk: Musk contributes a subtle sensuality and depth, intertwining with the other notes to create a harmonious blend.

Jasmine: Jasmine brings a touch of floral elegance and a delicate white floral scent that contrasts beautifully with the sweeter and nuttier elements.

Woody Notes: Woody notes provide structure and a grounding earthiness, adding a timeless and enduring dimension to the scent.

Cacao Pod: The fragrance journey concludes with the inclusion of cacao pod, which adds a hint of bitterness and complexity, complementing the earlier sweetness and floral elements.

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